Every significant character from the film has their own page with additional information. These pages are currently a work in progress.

Main Characters

Erin Gilbert

Abby Yates

Jillian Holtzmann

Patty Tolan


Rowan North

Minor Characters


Garrett (Tour Guide)

Ed Mulgrave Jr.

Dean Harold Filmore

Dean Thomas Shanks

Mayor Bradley

Jennifer Lynch

Agent Rorke

Agent Hawkins

Beasts Of Mayhem

Graffiti Artist

Rental Agent

Jonathan the Theater Manager

Original Ghostbusters Cameos

Martin Heiss (Bill Murray)

Mercado Desk Clerk (Annie Potts)

Uncle Bill (Ernie Hudson)

Rebecca Gorin (Sigourney Weaver)

Cabbie (Dan Aykroyd)

Extended Edition Characters

Phil Hudson

Phyllis Adler

Celebrity Cameos

Ozzy Osbourne

Al Roker