One of the most popular and iconic aspects of Ghostbusters is all the amazingly cool gear and tech they utilize when busting spooks, specters, and various full-roaming vaporous apparitions. Check out all the brand new takes on the classic gear that will be featured in the new movie!

The Uniforms:

The new uniforms have been revealed! The costume designers have remained faithful to the originals while adding some sleek new stripes in order to differentiate them from their predecessors. Director Paul Feig posted the first images of the uniforms on his twitter account, providing the first confirmation that the original No-Ghost logo would remain unchanged in the new film.

The Packs:

The production team on the new Ghostbusters movie has stayed faithful to the hard-edges and cobbled-togetherness of the original Proton Pack. There was a lot of speculation after the initial announcement that they might go with a more sleek and stream-lined look. Thankfully this isn’t the case and these new packs make a great addition to the Ghostbuster family.


The new Ecto-1 is here! Keeping with the original movies, the new Ecto-1 appears to be an older model Cadillac. Some are currently speculating that the exact model is a 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse. This makes total sense and keeps with the spirit of the original films. As a small startup with limited funds on hand, the Ghostbusters have to make due with what they can afford. Yes, the iconic fins may be gone, but I personally love the inclusion of the shiny ghost hood ornament and the enormous yellow emergency light. Pedestrians should have no problem spotting this bad boy racing down the road a mile away!


Wait, what!? That’s right apparently the new movie is going to feature additional vehicles in the Ecto family. These motorbikes appear to be outfitted with positron colliders and feature the No-Ghost logo on the gas tanks. There’s not a lot of other information regarding the Ecto-2 available at this time, but if there is a scene where they are racing through the streets riding these and busting ghosts I think my head might just explode.

The Trap:

Current Status – The trap is now cylindrical in shape and is used once in the film to capture the ghost at the rock show.


The PKE Meter (Ghost Detection):

Current Status – The new PKE meter is significantly different than the original. We got our first glimpse of the new PKE meter in a series of posters that were released by Sony Pictures.



The Ghostbusters HQ is breaking from tradition and instead of an old firehouse the team is now working out of the top floor of a Chinese restaurant. My initial reaction to this was essentially, “Wait a second, Chinese restaurants don’t have poles.” However, I’m confident that Director Feig and his team will make it work.

The Containment Unit:

Current Status – The containment unit shows up near the end of the film.