The Official Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer

by Feigbusters on March 3, 2016

This is it! This is definitely it! Feast your eyes on the first real footage from the next Ghostbusters film. Summer cannot come soon enough!

Ghostbusters (2016) – Trailer Announcement

by Feigbusters on February 14, 2016

The teaser trailer for the film is here!! Official trailer will debut on 3/3/16. Until then enjoy this sneak peak!

Teaser Posters Revealed

by Feigbusters on January 19, 2016

Check these bad boys out! These were shared on Twitter last month, but have also been spotted in movie theaters across the country. I know, I’ve seen them with my own eyes!

First Official Photo Released

by Feigbusters on December 16, 2015

This is the first official image released from the upcoming film. Needless to say they look absolutely badass! Now bring on the trailer, the wait is killing me over here.


There is no Dana, only Zuul!

by Feigbusters on September 26, 2015

If Director Feig announces any more cameos I may need to be hospitalized due to acute anticipatory excitement syndrome.

That’s a wrap!

by Feigbusters on September 22, 2015

What an amazing summer! After 17 weeks of filming Director Feig tweeted the following to announce that principle photography had wrapped on the latest Ghostbusters film. (Be sure to take note of the original Ghostbusters headquarters in the background – the iconic Hook & Ladder 8.)

And if that wasn’t cool enough, look who was also able to squeak in a cameo at the very last second.  

That’s right! All three surviving members of the original Ghostbusters will now make an appearance in the new movie. It really doesn’t get better than that for true fans. Now that filming has concluded the long wait for the first trailer begins. It is expected to hit the internet before the end of the year.

So what’s next for the site? Well, in the coming weeks I intend to share more commentary on what we’ve seen so far during the production of the film and will do my best to keep the site updated with the latest happenings. Additionally, expect some MAJOR updates to the various sections of the site as I begin cataloging and organizing all the new images and info I’ve collected. That said, if you’re interested in more frequent and up-to-the-minute Feigbusters happenings you can always follow me on Twitter as that is where I enjoy doing a majority of posting.

P.S. To the cast and crew of the Ghostbusters (2016) I would just like to say that it was an absolute blast following the development of your film. Thank you all for such a wonderfully fun and entertaining summer. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

What a month!

by Feigbusters on September 6, 2015

It’s been a little over a month since my last post and so much as happened! It got to a point where it was difficult for me to keep up with it all. So, to list a few highlights:

  • The film’s release date has been moved up a week to 7/15/16
  • Cast dressed up in gear and visited sick children in the hospital
  • Photo of Chris Hemsworth leaks (but we already knew!)
  • Bill Murray agreed to appear and filmed a cameo
  • Amazing prop building from the various Ghostbusters communities and fans on display
  • Scenes are being filmed at an old converted air force base in Massachusetts
  • And a lot more!

I’ve been posting frequently about everything on Twitter, so if you’re interested in all the cool details feel free to check out my feed! A link is over there in the sidebar. —>

In other news, Director Feig has mentioned that there are only two weeks left of principle photography remaining. I really hope they capture what they are going for. This is a movie 27 years in the making, and it’s been a very entertaining summer spent following it’s development. Now bring on the visual effects shots and a trailer!

Exactly one year to go!

by Feigbusters on July 22, 2015

I bet you one year from now we’re all going to be sitting in a movie theater somewhere.


First Ghostbusters Reboot Cosplay

by Feigbusters on July 20, 2015

It has begun! This image was retweeted by Director Feig a couple weeks back, however I’m only getting around to posting about it now… hey leave me alone, I’ve been busy alright. Anyway, this image brought back some extremely fond memories of my own childhood growing up and running around the yard dressed as my favorite paranormal investigators. I think this is just what the franchise needs more of in order to help instill the love of the Ghostbusters to a whole new generation.

Seriously, just look at that pack! That thing was built like two days after the official image surfaced and the resemblance is uncanny. That’s awesome! I’ve seen a couple more instances of fans dressing up as the Feigbusters and will be setting up a cosplay gallery shortly. If you would like to be included send an email or tweet at me on the Twitters. Long live Ghostbusters!

Dan Aykroyd confirms cameo in Ghostbusters

by Feigbusters on July 14, 2015

Ah yeah! This is great news. Dan Aykroyd has confirmed he is going to have a cameo in the new movie. According to online sources he is going to appear briefly as a New York cabbie who gives Kristen Wigg a ride and utters the infamous tagline, “I aint afraid of no ghosts.”

UPDATE: It appears the tweet was deleted shortly after being posted, but I swear it was actually there. I saw it with my own eyes!